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Review- Shift by Em Bailey

Olive Corbett is not crazy. Not anymore. She obediently takes her meds and stays under the radar at school. After “the incident,” Olive just wants to avoid any more trouble, so she knows the smartest thing is to stay clear of the new girl who is rumored to have quite the creepy past. But there’s no avoiding Miranda Vaile. As mousy Miranda edges her way into the popular group, right up to the side of queen bee Katie – and pushes the others right out – only Olive seems to notice that something strange is going on. Something almost . .…


Review- Tapas and Tears by Chris Higgins

I really enjoyed this book. I had started to read this a few months ago but, having a few books on the go at the same time, never really got past the first chapter. This time though, I was determined to finish it and went in with an open mind. Once you get in to it, you really start to enjoy it, as I found. I couldn’t put it down! The characters in it are well thought out, and the book is written in Jaime’s point of view. You see her go from, as her mother calls her, Wilma Worryguts, to…


My Favourites!

Okay! I’m going to be telling you all about my favourite things here! I’ll try my hardest! Colour- This is a hard one! I’m going to have to say purple, but I love all colours really! Animal- Horses! I love horses and have been riding them since I was 2! I still horse ride now! Song/ Music Artist- I love Nina Nesbitt, Misty Miller, Gabrielle Aplin and Orla Gartland. I really love The Apple Tree by Nina Nesbitt. I’m going to go with that. Hobby- I love reading, obviously. But I also love horse riding. It’s one of the only things…


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What To Expect From Me

I’m really sorry for not posting! I’m hopefully going to be writing a lot more reviews and I’m going to start now. Expect to see a lot more over the coming weeks. Also, feel free to comment with anything you would like to see me write about. I love to read all comments and I answer them all! LucyXOXO


Thank you!

I’d like to thank Shakira from Shakira’s Book Blog ‘n’ Stuff for writing a really nice post about my blog! Thank you so much! I really love your blog!You should all go check out her blog by clicking here LuluXOXO


Review- Magus of Stonewylde by Kit Berry

Lying in a hospital bed, Sylvie is half-dead. She has given up on life; given up on the twenty-first century as a whole. But then she is offered an opportunity: the chance to visit a place in the heart of rural Dorset: Stonewylde, a closed community, hidden away behind tall boundary walls, and ran by the charismatic Magus. When Sylvie and her mother, Miranda, arrive at Stonewylde it seems idyllic; perfect. But all is not what it seems. Because when Sylvie meets the mysterious Villager, Yul, when he is digging their garden as punishment, things seem to spiral out of control.…