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Book Review

MINI REVIEW: As Delightful as a Carrot by Keris Stainton

If you follow Keris Stainton on Twitter, you’ll have read her hilarious tweets about her two boys, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on 50 pages full of these laugh-inducing quotes.

Immediately I knew I was going to have a problem: how was I going to stop myself laughing, especially when I was in a room with other people? Please, I urge you, only read this in the presence of people who won’t slap you if you talk or laugh too loud, because you’re going to want to share this book with the world.

After finishing, all I can say is that I want more. The only fault with the book was that I didn’t want it to stop, although I suppose that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m really hoping there’ll be a sequel sometime in the future.

I must say sorry to my mother while I’m at it for laughing -and crying once or twice- when she was busy watching the TV and talking on the phone. Yes, that is just how funny this book is.

Finally, I must say that Keris and her husband, David, are raising two boys who they should be very proud of and who brought a massive smile to my face. Thank you to Harry and Joe for brightening up my day!

Book in a tweet: You MUST buy this right now. Seriously, what are you still doing here?