• 16 Facts About My Novel

    18 August, 2017

    Back at the end of last year, I made a thread on Twitter about my WIP (“work in progress”) — the novel I’ve been working on for over a year. Since then, I’ve completed two further drafts and am currently working on my last round of edits before I start querying agents, so I wanted…

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  • A Tour of my Writing Desk

    29 January, 2017

    When Virginia Woolf said “a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write“, I am sure she meant to include a writing desk in that sentence too. I work best in clutter – I like big piles of books, paper strewn everywhere and disorder. Tidying and cleaning are…

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  • Writing Validation & “Not Being Good Enough”

    15 July, 2016

    I’ve reached to a stand-still whilst working on my manuscript at the moment. I didn’t realise fully, until now, how solitary writing can be, how it’s just me typing away at my laptop – I’m the only one writing the words, developing them in my brain to put onto paper. These collected thoughts add up…

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  • My Writing Recipe

    15 June, 2016

    Something absolutely incredible happened last night: I reached 10,000 words on the novel that I’m currently working on. It might not seem like a huge deal and I still have a long way to go – and it’s just my first draft! – but I couldn’t be more proud. If you read my previous writing post, you’ll…

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  • The Pressures of Writing

    29 May, 2016

    I’ve always loved writing. Words are like an extension of my own body and I turn to them through times good and bad. When I was around eight, I used to write stories based on the Sylvanian Families I used to collect and I loved nothing more than when I could spend lessons writing about…

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  • Young Authors

    10 April, 2015

    With lots more authors under the age of 20 being published, those of us left behind can often feel the mounting pressure. So how much of a difference does being published at a young age make? Being 15, every birthday can feel like a step closer to author failure. My teenagerdom is a ticking time…

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  • Writing….More Than This by Patrick Ness

    2 November, 2013

    Today I’ve decided to do something a bit different and share a piece of my writing. I’ve recently started going to a writing squad which has been really good and encouraged me to write more, and this is one of the pieces I wrote for it. We had to write like an author that will…

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  • Embracing My Inner Geek (12)- Guest post from Sarah Benwell on World Building

    25 August, 2013

      Today I’m very pleased to share with you an Embracing My Inner Geek guest post written by the amazing Sarah Benwell. I first met Sarah through Twitter but it just so happens that she lives very close to me and we met through a library event. She’s seriously one of the loveliest people I’ve…

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