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Reading Habits: Acknowledegments



I have a bit of an unusual habit, and I know I’m not the only one: I can’t stop reading the acknowledgements in books.

Whenever I go into a bookshop and pick up a book, I can’t resist but take a peek at the acknowledgements and I get very confused if they’re not situated in the back. They just don’t feel right to me if they’re in the front!

I look for familiar names and interesting stories in them. Even if I don’t know the people named, I love seeing an insight into the author’s life and every single person who helped to make that book a tangible thing.

God forbid I find a book that doesn’t have any acknowledgements at all! I get so, so disappointed by it. The acknowledgements make the book and I feel as if part of the soul of a book is missing. Like I said, I’m a bit unusual!

Do you like reading the acknowledgements in books, or am I alone in this habit? Let me know!