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Blogging from a non-blogger’s perspective – Guest post by Becky.

Today Becky is on the blog, talking about blogs from a non-blogger perspective. I love this post so much, and love Becky even more. 

I never really knew about blogs before I met Lucy, but when she told me that she had one I looked at it and I loved reading it. After a while I read more book blogs and I loved them just as much! When I finally got twitter I found some amazing new book bloggers!

Some people probably don’t see the point in reading blogs as they may not feel that they get anything out of it but there are so many good things that come from it:

You find out amazing new books to read, although this can become a problem as my TBR pile is way too big!

You find awesome people to fangirl with about books that you all love! It’s great to be able to tweet people and share your love of books together!



You develop a wider knowledge about books which makes you appreciate them so much more. Before reading these blogs I never knew about how books were published. When you know about all the hard work that goes into publishing them it makes you respect the people who put in all that hard work more!

If you’re not a book blogger, like me, but are still interested in reading then it’s a great way to share that love with other people and book blogs are also really interesting to read. There are so many benefits and the blogs aren’t just for other bloggers, they’re for everyone, whether you are an author, blogger, publisher or you just like reading!

If you would like to follow Becky on Twitter, you can do so at @beckycooke54