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Are Internet Friends Real Friends?

Meeting Sarah J. Maas with Katie, Debbie and Faye!

Meeting Sarah J. Maas with Katie, Debbie and Faye!

I have loved the Internet ever since I started using it from a young age. I was always a very technological child and used to spend my days around the age of seven playing on games like Club Penguin, which I think quite a few people my age will remember. I cringe at my past self.

Being so computer-friendly, I always used to feel slightly guilty when I heard the phrase ‘Never talk to anyone you don’t know on the Internet!’ because, of course, what am I doing right this minute? Hello, people of the Internet. All those people on my Club Penguin buddy list who I DIDN’T KNOW! *gasp*

Of course, you have to be cautious on the Internet and I know that. I won’t go too much into The Rules though today, I just wanted to offer some background.

I’ve been super lucky since starting my blog in April 2012 to meet some amazing people. I’ve been to book signings, met up with people at events and discovered that Internet people = real people too.

So, are Internet friends real friends too?

My immediate answer is, of course! There is, however, a longer answer.

I’m always more cautious with Internet friends. Some people have a tendency to only show one side of themselves. Everyone does this to an extent, but some more than others. This can have really bad side effects and has meant I’ve been bullied online before, and I hate that this goes on in our community and people are unaware of it.

On the plus side, the Internet people I’ve met face to face have all been SUPER DUPER lovely! It can be awkward at times when you have to try and figure out conversation and get used to the person ACTUALLY STANDING IN FRONT OF YOU AND BEING REAL, but every second is usually awesome. I have so much in common with the people I’ve met because we all love books which connects us to a very high level. It’s also awesome when you get to find out new traits and depths to a person that can’t be shown on the Internet.

So if I’ve met you in the past, I can guarantee I pretty much love you! Internet friendships are very real, but some can turn nasty just as they do in real life too.

(Also, in real life feels like such a false term. Internet people are very real too!)