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Dear Past Blogging Lucy…


Lucy, I know this is weird. Please don’t freak out, but this is you. From the future. No, you are not in a YA time travel novel, or in Harry Potter (which you still haven’t read, but I promise you it will happen!). You often hear people being asked, ‘What would you change if you could talk to your past self?’ and my answer is: Absolutely nothing.

Because I’m writing this to you on the day you sit down and make your blog, Read, Write, Sleep, Eat! I want to tell you to stick in there. Things will be tough – at points you’ll have people be really mean to you but, in the end, it won’t bother you anymore because it happens everywhere. The blogging community, however amazing, is no different. There will be points where you’ll want to give it all up and will be on the verge of just stopping and quitting. Hang in there, buddy!

No matter how important you think page views and comments and followers are, one day you’ll be in a position where you don’t have to worry anymore, and once you get to that point you’ll feel like all of your work over the two years is worth it. This blog will be like a diary to you, a diary that just happens to be read by quite a lot of people. More than you could ever have imagined.

Put the effort in, Lucy, but also don’t put so much pressure on yourself. That’s one of the things you really should stop doing, because it will get you nowhere!

Lucy, you are going to make some amazing friends who you would like to see all day every day. It’s not possible right now as I’m writing this, but I really hope it will be one day. These friends will completely understand you and you can talk to them about anything. There are a few people you should probably just not talk to in the first place, but you will learn from your mistakes so I won’t warn you off too much.¬†Keep going, Lucy!

Starting your blog is one of the best decisions you will ever make and I really hope that never changes.

Lots of love,

Future Lucy