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I don’t really know what to say.

I feel so sad, having to write this. It’s making me rather emotional.

You see, I usually love blogging, but lately I haven’t been able to muster up the same love that used to come naturally. Since September, really, I’ve let the blog go a bit quiet, and slowly my YouTube channel has taken first place.

I think it’s important to keep you all updated. I know I still want to blog, but the pressure has gotten too much. It’s gotten so bad that it has brought me to tears, and I don’t often cry. Combined with school, which is stressing me out to the max, and the pressure of being a teenager (more to come on that soon), I just can’t do it. To have reduced me to tears, I know it must have gotten really bad.

So what am I going to do to help this? I don’t want to give up blogging, but neither do I want to carry on like I have being doing. The thing stopping me from sitting back and taking it easy has been page views. Stupid, I know. If I don’t post regularly, these drop. Sometimes that gets me really down. I’m getting better at not checking, but it’s still disappointing and I feel like I’m putting all this effort in, and getting nothing out, when that isn’t the case at all. In fact, I think I should be proud of all I have achieved.

I’m going to first of all try to post once a week. Not four or five, like I have been doing. That one post may be a review or a discussion post, or simply just discussing something I want to. But at least I’m posting something. Some weeks there may not be a post at all, some weeks there may be quite a few. I’ m just going to see how it goes.

The other thing that is stressing me out is my review pile. It’s getting quite big, and I can’t bear to look at it. I’m going to stop requesting and accepting books, only taking one if I know I’ll read it quickly or desperately want it. Because, with homework, I don’t have time to read as much anymore, and I know this will probably get worse as time goes on. One thing I’ve missed is reading for pleasure and I’ve finally been selecting books that I’m really enjoying and can savour. It’s been so, so nice.

I don’t know what the future of Queen of Contemporary looks like. It scares me to think about, if I’m honest. It really, really frightens me. But I know I can’t go on like I have been doing, so I need to relax a bit and just enjoy myself. What’s the point in continuing doing something I don’t like doing, and find tedious? There is no point.

I hope you’ll all continue to support me. Now, more than ever, I really need you guys to help me along.

Lots of love,




Lets have a little chat…

I’ve only ever been honest with you all, and that’s how I like it. I’ve made a number of posts similar to this one before, but I just felt the need to write a post today and talk a bit about how I’m feeling at the moment towards blogging.

Blogging kind of sucks at the moment. I have millions of ideas for posts and events and super secret ideas, but I have no motivation to carry them out. Just thinking about sitting at my computer and writing a review makes me wince. Right now, I’d rather sit and do nothing.

I’ve been in a reading slump since the start of November and am only now just getting out of it. Not wanting to read, and feeling like I don’t have enough time to do so, is such a horrible feeling, because reading is my main hobby. All I’ve wanted to do is get lost in a book, but lately I haven’t been able to do so. Reading slumps really are the worst. Before I started blogging, I could simply not read and not worry but now there’s so much pressure that I can physically feel it crushing down on me. This makes reading a chore.

You may have noticed that I’ve slowly been updating my YouTube video more and more and updating the blog less and less. My blog is my pride and joy, and my baby. I’d love to find a balance, and I worry that people will get fed up in the end. I’m ruled by my follower count and my page views, although this isn’t such an issue as it was. When I was on Blogger, I used to get a lot of spam views so I shouldn’t be disappointed by them now, when they’re purely all of you amazing people viewing.

Now that I’ve got multiple Google+ accounts, I’m having to switch back and forth every time I comment, and it puts me off. Before I would comment on thirty or so blog posts EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. After a while, it gets very tedious and I often bang my head against my desk because a lot of the time I’m reading multiple reviews of the same books and the same memes. When I don’t comment on these blogs though, nobody will visit me. This is one of the main things I absolutely hate about blogging, which you don’t seem to get on YouTube. I hate feeling pressured into commenting on so many posts every day.

I’m currently in the process of planning six events for January, one of which will be running the whole year. It’s a big task and it relies on my getting back into blogging again. I’ve put so much time, and even money, into this blog and I hate to see it gathering cobwebs in a dusty corner. What could be worse?!

I really hope you’ll all understand this. We all feel like this sometimes! I’m currently writing reviews to be posted in the coming weeks and I have lots of other posts planned too. I’d LOVE your ideas, too, because I am a bit stuck and you’re the ones who’ll be reading them.

I’m going to try and juggle my blog and my YouTube channel at the same time, and I might post some different things over here soon that aren’t entirely book related.

Do you have any tips for getting back into blogging? What would you like to see me post about? Let me know in the comments below!



Pressure. It’s something that I’ve become quite familiar with since starting blogging.

It will make you want to do this:


Yes, I have screamed in frustration a number of times and wanted to kill the pressure with my killer breath…Okay, maybe not, but you get where I’m coming from.

It has also made me want to cry into a tub of ice cream for the rest of eternity. Comfort food is the best!

I DO NOT own this. I've lost the original source so cannot link back

I DO NOT own this. I’ve lost the original source so cannot link back

I’m feeling so much pressure at the moment, it’s unbelievable. I constantly watch my follower count, my pageviews and my comments number. And, you know what? I don’t like it! Pressure, you can go right away.

I want to be able to not worry about that follower that I lose or the decrease in page views I get. Because when this does happen, I get so down and then get into a blogging slump. I blog because I love it, but sometimes this isn’t enough. The things I get out of blogging are so great but when the pressure starts to build, it can really affect the way I feel towards blogging and what I put in.

Do you ever feel the pressure? How do you try to avoid it?