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Welcome to Queen of Contemporary!


Welcome to the brand new Queen of Contemporary!

I’m really excited to be launching the brand new site officially today, and this is the first post.

I’ve worked out a whole new schedule which I’m really excited to share. I’ve worked it so that I can do more memes like Waiting on Wednesday and Top Ten Tuesday, because I’ve always wanted to join in with both.

The schedule is as follows:


Monday: Review

Wednesday: Waiting on Wednesday/Discussion

Friday: Review/Featured on Friday

Sunday: Letterbox Love


Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday/Discussion

Thursday: Review

Saturday: Embracing My Inner Geek/Review/Discussion

Sunday: Letterbox Love

As you can see, it will be on a fortnightly cycle and I’m hoping that this will excite things for me, and for viewers too. Sometimes I don’t like posting the same things week after week, and I’m sure you don’t like reading the same things either.

Thank you for sticking by Queen of Contemporary. I’m still busy working behind the scenes and have really appreciated your support so far.