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Books Are An Immeasurable Pleasure | A Sonnet

As you might have seen, I am currently in my first year of Creative Writing A Level, which I love. It challenges me and pushes me to try out new things, and one of these things back last year was a sonnet. Being the Shakespeare and Sir Philip Sidney nerd I am, I love sonnets. It wasn’t until I attempted to write one myself, however, that I gained an even greater appreciation for those who have written hundreds of them.

Here it is: a sonnet all about books!

Books are an immeasurable pleasure

Books are an immeasurable pleasure

Designed to captivate and cultivate

There’s nothing better to do for leisure

With the intent to ameliorate.

From Shakespeare to Plath and Austen between

A wealth of knowledge stored in pages

Magically allows the reader to glean

Information passed down through the ages.

Yet ponder on Hemingway the sexist

And the millions cut from the canon.

As books are more than a complex lexis,

What was Scott thinking with the Buchanans?

There is the allure of Netflix as well

If you don’t read books, you won’t go to hell.

Have you ever had to write a sonnet? If you had to, what would you choose to write about?