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Letterbox Love is a UK based feature where book bloggers showcase the books that they received that week, be they eBooks, paperbacks, hardbacks or any other format. It is hosted by Lynsey from Narratively Speaking.

I don’t have a massive haul this week because I didn’t buy anything but I’m really pleased with the books I received and I’m also hoping that next week will be a better week because I’m expecting quite a few books. 

Library Haul:

I went to the library yesterday to return a few books and managed to pick these two up. I was hoping to get more but it wasn’t one of my best library hauls because I’m very fussy when it comes to picking up books.

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver- I liked Delirium, although it wasn’t one of my favourite books, and, with the release of Requiem, knew that I would have to finish the series off. Pandemonium is the second book in the trilogy and I’m really looking forward to reading it.
Just Listen by Sarah Dessen- I finished The Truth About Forever yesterday and loved it so knew that I would have to read something else by the author. This one sounds really good!

E-book Haul:

I don’t usually post the e-books that I buy/receive but I had to include this one because I was so happy about it.

The Prince by Kiera Cass- EEEP! I loved The Selection and it is one of my favourite novels so I just had to buy this as soon as it was released. I’ve already read it and was super pleased to see that it included the first two chapters of The Elite. And now I really can’t wait until April!

Bookshop Haul:

I was honoured to receive an invite to Marie-Louise Jensen’s book launch for Smuggler’s Kiss and got a few of my books signed, as well as buying one that I haven’t already read.

Between Two Seas by Marie-Louise Jensen- This is one of Marie-Louise’s books that I haven’t yet read and I’m really looking forward to starting it.
And here is my signed copy of Smuggler’s Kiss…

What did you receive this week? Link back to your own book hauls and I’ll be sure to check them out! 

Lucy Powrie

Lucy Powrie is a blogger, YouTuber and author from the UK. When she's not reading, she enjoys cuddling guinea pigs and eating Oreo chocolate, but let's be real: she's mostly always reading.


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    Jess Hearts Books!

    10 March, 2013

    I got The Prince this week too! So glad you’re discovering Sarah Dessen she’s one of my favourites as is Just Listen! Enjoy 🙂

  2. Reply

    Ruby :)

    10 March, 2013

    Just Listen looks great! I live down the road from a library, so I might pick it up later on today! :DD
    ~ Ruby @ http://feedmebooksnow.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Reply


    10 March, 2013

    Just Listen is probably my favourite Sarah Dessen book. I hope you enjoy it! Pandemonium is amazing as well. Really looking forward to Requiem. Happy reading! 🙂

  4. Reply


    10 March, 2013

    Oh, I love that cover of Just Listen! It looks really creative and original 🙂 Enjoy your books!

  5. Reply

    Zoe Crook

    10 March, 2013

    Great books! I have Pandemonium on my TBR pile and so I must read it soon. Especially with Requiem coming out. I love Sarah Dessen! I have had Just Listen on my wishlist for ages 🙂
    Wow, a signed copy of A Smuggler’s Kiss? Lucky! I really want to read that book.
    Happy reading, Lucy!

  6. Reply


    10 March, 2013

    I’m reading Pandemonium at the moment, it’s good – better than Delirium from what I can remember.
    You know how I feel about Sarah Dessen, Just Listen is one of her best. Glad you liked The Truth About Forever!

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    So Many Books, So Little Time

    10 March, 2013

    Oh, you’re going to love Just Listen! It was my first Sarah Dessen novel and sparked a life-long love of her and her books. Looking forward to your review 🙂

  8. Reply


    10 March, 2013

    Wow, This looks like an amazing haul! Happy Reading!

    Letterbox Love!

  9. Reply

    Hilda K

    10 March, 2013

    I LOVE Just Listen! <3 Sarah Dessen is one of my favorite contemporary authors, and I think you're going to enjoy the book as well! Pandemonium sounds amazing, hope you're going to love the book! I haven't yet got the time to read The Selection, but I'm glad that you finally got The Prince! <3

    Awesome haul! Happy reading, Lucy! 🙂

  10. Reply


    10 March, 2013

    I really love Sarah Dessen, The Truth about Forever was the first book of hers that I read also and I completely fell in love. I hope you like Just Listen

  11. Reply

    Jen (A Reading Daydreamer)

    10 March, 2013

    AHH. Everytime someone hauls a Delirium book, it just reminds me that I still have to read book one. D: And I love Sarah Dessen, but I still haven’t read Just Listen. 😛 I hope you enjoy it! Happy reading and thanks for stopping by A Reading Daydreamer!

  12. Reply

    Pink Lady 631

    10 March, 2013

    Lucky you, so many fabulous books. I liked Delirium and need to get my hands on Pandemonium. I finished The Selection last week and after discovering It on your blog I knew I had to read it. I loved it and The Prince looks fabulous, can’t wait to read it. Happy Blogging 🙂

  13. Reply


    11 March, 2013

    I’m seeing all of these Harper Impulse books everywhere and they all just sound SOOO cute! I remember you saying you loved The Selection, too, on Twitter so I hope you enjoy The Prince, Lucy!

    Awesome haul! (It so wasn’t puny! ;))

  14. Reply


    11 March, 2013

    Pandemonium is AMAZZZZZZING :OOOO I can’t wait to read The Prince 🙂

    Enjoy all your books,
    Sam @ Falling Books

  15. Reply

    Vegan YA Nerds

    11 March, 2013

    I am a big fan of Sarah Dessen, so I you love Just Listen, hun!


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