• Penguin English Library Tour

    20 August, 2017

    Ever since I started collecting the gorgeous Penguin English Library classics, I’ve had numerous requests to film a tour video of them — showing you my entire collection! They are perhaps my favourite part of my book collection and the editions I choose over any others. It’s got to the point where I’m finding it…

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  • All About Jane Austen! | Classics Series

    16 August, 2017

    Since I started my Classics series on YouTube, the most requested video people have asked me to make is one about Jane Austen. Luckily, she’s one of my favourite authors, so it wasn’t much effort to gather all of my Jane Austen books together and talk about them. Here is the result!   (If you’re…

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  • Meet the BookTubers: Being in The Times

    14 August, 2017

    If you could have told me five years ago that starting a blog would lead to my face being splashed on the front page of The Times, I wouldn’t have believed you. I was a shy and anxious twelve year old who had been devastated by the loss of her grandfather only a few months…

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  • VIDEO: How To Be a Writer with Katy Cannon and Lisa Williamson | #UKYAHomeBook

    24 July, 2016

    I was very lucky to get to visit CPI Books earlier this week to see how books are made! I went with Stripes Publishing and we watched I’ll Be Home for Christmas get turned into a real book which was extremely cool. I’ll have a blog post and video up very soon all about this!…

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  • Not-So-Scary Halloween Book Recommendations

    24 October, 2015

    (For those not able to see the video, click here) I hate reading scary books – I get terrified by them! So I thought I would put together a video full of books that are perfect to read at Halloween if you’re like me and get frightened easily. There are creepy inns, haunting pictures, and…

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    23 August, 2015

    Lately I’ve noticed a horrifying trend in YA books – a lack of menstruating characters. Can you honestly tell me that Bella or Katniss never got their period? I find it hard to believe. As part of my new feminism series on YouTube, I decided to make a video discussing this subject, and I’ve compiled…

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  • On blogging and booktubing + an announcement!

    28 May, 2014

    Hi! I’m Lucy and I’m both a blogger and a booktuber. I’ve wanted to write this post for a while now and, okay, there will be people who disagree but please hear me out! There have been tensions between the blogging and booktube community for a while now. I’ve noticed the strain between the two,…

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  • Never Say Never: Vlogging

    2 October, 2013

    At the start of this year I wrote a post about vlogging and why I’ll never be able to do it. Being the rebellious person that I am, I then decided to post a few book haul videos to test the waters and I’m now trying to take the big step into booktubing on a…

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