• April in YA : Top Picks

    4 April, 2016

    April is an exciting month for new book releases, with new titles by big author names, as well as debut authors too. Here are some of my top picks that I think everyone should read this month: What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick Huntley Fitzpatrick is the author of My Life Next Door,…

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  • REVIEW: Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard

    4 February, 2016

    Beautiful Broken Things is the extraordinary début novel from Sara Barnard that showcases what everyone loves most about UKYA fiction. Caddy and Rosie have been best friends forever, despite them going to different schools. Then Rosie introduces Caddy to a new girl at her school, Suzanne. Suzanne is everything Caddy is not – adventurous, daring…

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  • A (Graphic) Novel Obsession

    24 November, 2015

    I am in love with graphic novels at the moment. Especially with so much revision to do, they’re easy to pick up and instantly get into as they don’t take up the same amount of brain power as a 500-page novel would do. I always used to be sceptical about reading graphic novels. It’s easy to…

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  • To Read List

    27 October, 2015

    With so many books constantly popping through my letterbox all beautifully packaged and very appealing, it can be good to sometimes sit back and take stock of the books I still haven’t read. The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow by Katherine Woodfine I went through a phase a while back where I devoured as much…

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  • Blogs I’m Loving #1 – October Edition

    15 October, 2015

    Lately I’ve got back into reading more blog posts. There was a time a little while ago where I couldn’t get into the right frame of mind to read blog posts – I was either too lazy to read anything other than my Twitter feed, or disinterested in reading the same post over and over…

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  • Why We Need Realistic Heroines in YA

    13 September, 2015

    I worked hard as a teenager. We didn’t have money; I was the only person in my immediate family to go to university. I was utterly focussed on creating a life for myself that wasn’t like the one I’d grown up in. I studied a lot. I didn’t go out much. Didn’t drink, didn’t take…

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  • 5 Essential Books to Catch Up On This Summer

    6 July, 2015

    In my opinion, summer is the best time to get lots of reading done. I look forward to summer each year, when I can catch up on all the reading I’ve missed out on since the summer before. Here are a few books I think are essential to catch up on this year: My Second…

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  • The Lost and The Found Q&A with Cat Clarke

    2 July, 2015

    Can you describe The Lost and the Found in three words? Disturbing, challenging, honest. What’s the best thing about writing UKYA? There are so many good things! When I was growing up, most of the books I read were set in the US. I loved reading about proms and cheerleaders and football players, which all seemed…

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  • Queen of Contemporary Survey – Summer 2015

    10 June, 2015

     Hello everyone! To add with my summer revamp of both my blog and YouTube channel, I’ve put together a survey so that I know exactly what YOU are wanting when you read my blog. You’re under no obligation to answer all of the questions, but any that are answered are a HUGE help. Thank you!…

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  • Q&A with Sarah Odedina

    8 May, 2015

    I’m very happy to be able to welcome Sarah Odedina to the blog today, talking about her new job at One World Publishing. You’ve been a part of the publishing industry for a long time now. What first drew you to editing, and how do you view your role? Before I started work as an…

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