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How to Support Your Favourite Blogs in 2018

Okay, let’s get real for a second: it’s getting harder than ever for us book bloggers. Views are low, the number of comments on each post is decreasing, and this can be extremely demotivating for all of us who put lots of work into creating posts, with a very low return. I’m determined, though, to make 2018 the Year of the Blogger, so I have a few tips for things you can do this year to support your favourite blogs.

#1: Follow on social media

If you look in the sidebar of most blogs, you’ll be able to find all of the links to where the blogger lives on social media. Following social media accounts and engaging with the bloggers you follow is a great way of showing your support and letting bloggers know that there are real life people reading their posts, and not just automated bots.

I can promise you that all bloggers love having conversations on social media – they’re one of the most rewarding parts of the job. It’s great to be able to share what you’re passionate about, and even better when you find other people who are just as passionate as you. Plus, it’s a brilliant way to make new friends!

#2: Share links to new posts

Retweet links to posts you’ve liked, tweet the link yourself, quote retweet on Twitter to tell people what you loved about it; share to your Facebook friends or include it in your Instagram Story. There are endless ways to tell people not just about your own posts, but other people’s too.

I have a few favourite blogs that I will ALWAYS retweet, just because I love them and want everyone else to love them too. If we all chose 3 blogs to concentrate on this year that we faithfully spread the word about, I believe it would create an atmosphere where people looked forward to writing every single post, and felt that support was coming from all corners.

#3: Leave a comment!

Comments are a bit like the equivalent of letters – when you receive them, it’s exciting to open them up and read what’s inside. However, like emails taking over from letters, quick messages on social media are now becoming more popular than comments. Although getting any interaction is amazing, the great thing about comments on blogs is that they’re easy to find, no matter how long ago they were left, whereas with Twitter, for example, your feed has already moved on.

Back when I first started blogging, I saw blogs with, quite literally, HUNDREDS of comments. Now, bloggers are lucky if we get 10. I’d love to return to the time when people left meaningful comments, when I would spend all day on a Sunday writing comments on as many blogs as I could find. I feel like we’ve lost a bit of the commenting magic!

#4: Credit other bloggers

Take inspiration from a post that you’ve seen someone else do, or participate in a tag that’s making the rounds? Please credit the original source. Not only is crediting original ideas polite and the correct thing to do, it also spreads the word about a new blog and the original blogger is more likely to share your post to their followers.

Also, what happened to blog memes? There used to be Waiting on Wednesday, Follow Friday, Stacking the Shelves and Letterbox Love… Now, these kinds of post never seem to appear in my feeds. Whilst this format doesn’t always favour the individualistic style of blogging now, I do think that they favoured a more supportive community, so I’d love to see something similar make a return.

#5: Talk about bloggers IRL

In the past few years, particularly since I started my blog, blogging has definitely become more mainstream, but I still feel as though there’s a divide between actual bloggers and people who either consume blogs or have no idea what a blog is. I’d love to hear conversations take place about what it means to be a blogger, how people outside of the blogging community can support blogs, and the changing face of the blog as technology develops.

Blogs and vlogs are now COOL. Instagram is pretty much a micro-blogging platform. But, despite this, blogging hasn’t quite broken the barriers to the outside world, so I think that if we talk more about our favourite bloggers in real life, this will help to make blogging seem like a genuine job or hobby, rather than just something “you do on the side”. Side-hustles are valid too!

How do you think we can support our fellow bloggers this year? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!



Where I Blog


For the close-to-four years I’ve been blogging, my location has changed a little bit. Now I have my own space where I can arrange all my blogging tools and write to my heart’s content. It’s my little safe haven which is usually a mess and I have to stumble around and try not to trip over my tripod, books and/or clothes that I’ve changed into in between takes of videos. I love it though, so I thought I’d show you around! Continue Reading


5 Things Blogging Has Taught Me


I’ve been blogging for close to 4 years now, which still amazes me every single day. During my time inhabiting this part of the Internet, I’ve learnt a few things so I thought I’d share them today.

Blogging will make you way more confident than you ever imagined you could be.

I was a shy 12 year old when I started my blog and I barely had the confidence to look people in the eye. Now, and this is also down to getting older but also through blogging, I can stand in front of large audiences and speak with the knowledge that the words coming out of my mouth won’t be utter rubbish. I love speaking at events so much – I’ve even said before that it’s the best drug a person can ever get. Although some nerves are inevitable, the buzz you get afterwards is worth it and the events I’ve spoken at will always be amongst some of my favourite memories.

Honesty is the driving force.

Be honest in everything you write. If you lie about reading a book or if you say you loved a book when you really disliked it, people will be able to tell. When you’re honest, you’ve got nothing to hide and people will appreciate that. Honesty is key!

If you want to do something that won’t take much time, blogging isn’t for you.

Continue Reading

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Blogs I’m Loving #1 – October Edition


Lately I’ve got back into reading more blog posts. There was a time a little while ago where I couldn’t get into the right frame of mind to read blog posts – I was either too lazy to read anything other than my Twitter feed, or disinterested in reading the same post over and over again on three different blogs. Finally, though, I’ve found a happy blog-reading place, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite blogs of the moment.

Hello I Am Mariam

I found Mariam’s blog the other week after she had tweeted me a few times and I fell in love with it. I particularly loved her posts on feminism as it’s something that we have in common and she writes so perfectly. I particularly loved her post, Is marriage and motherhood synonymous with female success?. Continue Reading


Top Tips for Participating in a Twitter Chat



Since July 2013, I’ve been running #ukyachat on Twitter. A weekly Twitter chat, it aims to promote UKYA fiction, and to allow people to share their passion for books whilst having a good time. At first, the chats can often seem daunting, but once you get the hang of them they’re extremely fun. Here are a few of my top tips to help you make the most out of each chat:

1. Use your resources!

With each chat moving incredibly fast, it can often be hard to keep up with the conversation. One of the best ways to keep up is by using TweetDeck. It takes some playing around with, but it’s easily customisable to your needs. You can set it up so that you can see different hashtags, your mentions and your feed all in one go, and it’s my best friend when running chats.

2. Watch and learn!

It definitely takes practice and people often feel nervous at first, so I’d recommended just watching the first time. This way you get a good sense of how the chat works and the kind of people who join in. Continue Reading


5 Tips for Improving Your Instagram


I was on Instagram a while before I finally started to get it. I knew the main principles – the uploading of pictures, the following – but I didn’t get the little parts that made Instagram so enjoyable. I thought I’d share some of my top Instagram tips today, so hopefully you can make the most of Instagram too!

Tip #1: Work out a schedule

Instagram is like a cross between a blog and Twitter. You have the instantaneousness of Twitter, but you also need to plan like you would with a blog. I try to post at least once a day, usually in the morning so that people have all day to then be able to find the picture.

Tip #2: Network

A golden rule for social media sites is to network as much as possible. You can do this by following people and liking their pictures, commenting on other pictures or replying to comments left on your pictures. Continue Reading

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My Blogging Essentials


When I look back to my post schedules for this time last year, one thing kept popping up: ‘My Blogging Essentials.’ Although I knew exactly how I was going to write the post, I could never quite get it right. There was either something wrong with the pictures, or something else popped up. Finally, though, you’re getting the post! Here are some of my blogging essentials!

My Blogging Notebook

Without my notebook, I doubt I could blog half as much as I do. It’s where I write all of my schedules, all of my post ideas, and it’s my main place of organisation. I’m nearly running out of space in it though, which I’m very sad about! You can pick up pretty cheap notebooks at The Works, which is where I always buy mine. I find the size of them suits me very well because I definitely prefer a larger notebook with a spiralled edge.


I always have a book nearby when I’m writing my post because I can then dip in and out whilst I’m waiting for a photo to upload. It’s also a better way to be distracted than social media! In the picture you can see New Girl by Carmen Reid and Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill.


I always like to have my phone as a back up if I have to tweet because my Tweet Deck seems to by a bit untrustworthy from time to time. I couldn’t run Twitter chats without it, and it’s also where I can tweet and Instagram from during the day when I’m not at my laptop. I’ve also got into the habit of lying in bed at 6:30 in the morning and answering emails, and I couldn’t do it without my phone.


I now have a Macbook Air and it has been a lifesaver. I can use it to edit my videos and I also have Tweet Deck downloaded on it to help run my #ukyachat’s. Without it, I’d be completely lost! It’s like my child.


I recently invested in a Canon 700D and it’s a main part of my blogging tool kit now. It’s really sparked my love for photography and the pictures on the blog have improved leaps and bounds to how they were a year ago. I love all of the features on it and being able to change the settings. It’s really worth the money!


And finally for the most important thing to have – chocolate! It’s great to use as a motivational tool (“Write five blog posts and you’ll get chocolate, Lucy!”) and it also tastes amazing. I definitely favour the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Oreo which tastes like you have died and gone to heaven. I LOVE it!

What are your blogging must-haves?

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Spring Bloggers


I love finding new bloggers and reading back through all of their old blog posts. I thought I would share some of my favourite blogs today so you can do the same!

Lauryn’s Notebook

Lauryn writes so articulately and every single blog post of hers is a pleasure to read. I wish I could write as beautifully as her because she’s so talented. Her blog is truly unique, and she deserves all of the success she has had so far. One of my favourite blogs!

Thirst for Fiction

Rhys’s blog always has the most perfect graphics that I’ll forever be in awe of! I’m also totally jealous of his blog design, and there’s always a variety of brilliant posts. And whilst you’re checking out his blog, fill out the Book Community Survey 2015!

Tales of Yesterday

Although only a recent member of the blogosphere, Chelle’s blog is AMAZING! Chelle is such a lovely person and I think you should go and follow her on Twitter right away. Tales of Yesterday is one of the best YA book blogs out there and I’m so pleased to see it growing even more as time passes.

Bookish Peeps

Whilst Bookish Peeps isn’t technically a book blog, it is full of book bloggers! Bookish Peeps is a forum started up by Jesse and I think it’s a wonderful idea. It’s a place to go for lots of bookish discussion, and I’m hoping to contribute a lot more to the discussions in the next few months.

 What are your favourite blogs of the moment?