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falling in and out of love with blogging


Falling out (and in) love with blogging…

I’m going to write quite a personal post today. Not personal in the fact that I’m going to be talking about my family or my day to day life or anything like that, but personal in that I’m talking about something that’s a big part of my life and I just want to talk about how I’m feeling.

I’ve been blogging since April 2012 and, in that time, I’ve done some amazing things: I’ve met the best people ever who I love to pieces, I’ve read some of my favourite books in the world, and I’ve had a lot of fun whilst doing it. But, sometimes, I fall out of love with blogging. Sometimes this is down to pressure, and sometimes it’s due to something I can’t identify. Whatever it is, it gets me down and then I get put off blogging.

To explain how this feels, I must first talk about how being in love with blogging feels. When I’m in love with my blog and blogging, all I want to do is write reviews and discussions and feature posts. I want to read more and more, and then write reviews for all the books. I also comment on every single blog in my feed and then I’ll go hunt for more posts. It’s terribly time-consuming, but I don’t tend to notice and if I do I’ll just dismiss it and go back to wanting to marry my blog, or however I feel.

When I don’t love blogging, it is the complete opposite. It feels like a creature dragging me down into a deep, dark pit: I can’t seem to get out, and all the lights have been turned off. I’m scrabbling around in the dark. I don’t want to read, I don’t want to write posts, and I certainly don’t want to comment on blogs, even though I love reading them. Eventually I become so accustomed to the deep, dark pit that I want to stay there and never come out again. That’s how I feel at the moment.

I think it’s important to be straight with you all. I don’t want to stop blogging all together, and I can feel myself slowly climbing out of the pit as I write this, which makes me very happy.

I’m not going to promise that I’ll stick to my schedule every single week without fail and I won’t even promise that I’ll post every week, but I do promise that I won’t give up on my blog and I won’t give up on you all because I’ve come to consider you all as some of my best friends now. When I started blogging, I did it because I wanted to talk about books and I’d like to go back to that and have fun because, to me, that’s one of the most important things.

I’m going to try and spice things up over here – I’ve been planning a big re-design for months now and I’m also going to be doing a few more features, as well as the usual reviews and discussions.

If you’d like to have an input, I’d really appreciate it if you could fill out this survey that I’ve put together. It doesn’t take long, and you don’t have to answer every question. Even a few will earn you a massive virtual hug from me.

Now I’m going to congratulate myself for getting through a blog post for the first time in weeks, and comment on a few blogs. I’m taking things slowly, but I am back, and hopefully for good.