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leaving your mark on books


Leaving Your Mark on Books

I’m the sort of person who likes to keep their books in pristine condition, and people have often remarked how tidy the spines of my books are. In contrast, there are some people who believe that a well-cracked spine means a lived-in book.

Recently, though, I’ve discovered a few books that have a history.


In a copy of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon, I found this note. Whilst I would never, ever write in a book without being able to erase it, I find it so interesting to read notes that other people have written. It creates so many different questions in my mind: Who is Miranda? Why was she in Miami? How did the book get to be in the charity shop? It’s a whole fictional world in my head, within the fictional world of the book.


I found this postcard in a copy of White Teeth by Zadie Smith, but this one isn’t so much of a secret. Although I also bought it in a charity shop, a sticker inside meant that I knew who it belonged to (I’m not sharing it because of personal details). I love the personal touches and seeing a glimpse into other people’s lives. It makes books so special.

Have you ever found notes in a book you’ve bought? Would you write them yourself?