Review- Shift by Em Bailey

Olive Corbett is not crazy. Not anymore.

She obediently takes her meds and stays under the radar at school. After “the incident,” Olive just wants to avoid any more trouble, so she knows the smartest thing is to stay clear of the new girl who is rumored to have quite the creepy past.

But there’s no avoiding Miranda Vaile. As mousy Miranda edges her way into the popular group, right up to the side of queen bee Katie – and pushes the others right out – only Olive seems to notice that something strange is going on. Something almost . . . parasitic. Either Olive is losing her grip on reality, or Miranda Vaile is stealing Katie’s life.

But who would ever believe crazy Olive, the girl who has a habit of letting her imagination run away with her? And what if Olive is the next target?

A chilling psychological thriller that tears through themes of identity, loss, and toxic friendship, Shift will leave readers guessing until the final pages.
-From Goodreads

I read this book really quickly and really enjoyed it. It’s different to the books that I normally read so I wasn’t sure about how much I would enjoy it. But I really did underestimate my knack for picking good books. I absolutely loved it! 
The book really keeps you hanging on by creating an air of mystery, right from the start. The characters are very complex and I immediately warmed to Olive, whose point of view the book is written in. From the start Miranda never really appealed to me, and I think this is what the author wanted to do. There is romance (which I love, I must add!), and lots and lots of drama! This really kept the book going, flowing along fast and willing the reader to read more and more.
The cover is really very clever. I must say that, to me, the cover of a book is very important. If I was seeing this on a shelf, it would instantly draw me in, as it did when I was searching Amazon for books to take on holiday with me. The writing really stands out but doesn’t draw attention away from the picture. The colours go really well and I don’t think many people will not be able to agree with me when I say that this is a cover cleverly thought out. 
Overall I really enjoyed this book, especially the twists throughout, which weren’t expected most of the time.

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