Discussion: Why do I read?

Why do I read? In today’s society, if I tell someone that I like reading then I usually get sneered at. So why do I read? 
1. When I read I can go somewhere else for a while and be someone different.
This is the one of the main reasons that I read so much. If I’m having a bad day then I can pick up a book and forget all about it. I can become a book character! When am I ever going to be able to get the chance to be with Jace Wayland, other than when I’m reading City of Bones?
2. Reading improves your vocabulary.
My teacher is always telling people this when they say they aren’t very good at reading. Without reading I wouldn’t know amazing words like, “Shadowhunter”, “Stonewylde” and “Etienne St. Clair.” 
On a more serious note, I don’t think I’d have a very big word range if I didn’t read. Why use the word ‘big’ when you can use the word ‘ginormous’ or ‘humongous’?
3. Reading helps with subjects other than English.
I’m especially grateful to my reading habits when I’m writing a history essay or a piece of homework set in a  class other than English. I certainly find that I can decipher Maths questions much better than some other people who don’t read: you will have a better grasp on the words if you have a bigger vocabulary.
4. Reading offers opportunities

Through my blog (and so through reading) I have had the opportunity to talk to other like-minded people and authors. There are also book groups in my local area that I may join in the future. 
5. Reading opens your mind.

From Fallen Angels to Hybrids, I’ve read about them all. Reading certain books makes you think about different worlds, universes. Maybe this is why Dystopian is so big at the moment. We all like to wonder what life would be like and so to see words on paper that mirror your own thoughts is remarkable.
6. I wouldn’t be sane without books!

It’s true: I would not be sane without books! Books inspire me and when I’m reading a book I feel safe. Books have shaped who I am and, from reading books, I am constantly learning about different things: life lessons, geeky facts, dystopic worlds. 
I am very grateful to books like Twilight and The Hunger Games because people, whoever they may be, pick them up and can feel a connection with the words. If you visited one of my English reading lessons then I can guarantee that you will find at least three people reading one of the above books. And whenever I see someone reading a book and enjoying it a smile creeps up on to my face because I know the pleasure that reading gives me. 

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    5 December, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    I feel the same! I need to read and when I see somebody reading a book I love I want to walk over to them and talk non-stop about it but it also feels great to be able to leave the place we are and meet new characters. Books inspire me too. Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games is so strong and inspire me when I’m feeling upset over something to carry on. It has helped my vocab too because I know that my work in English wouldn’t be the same without books because It’s shocking how much you learn from reading a good book! It gives you someone/something to learn from, enjoyment and the chance to experience feeling and emotions. And experience world’s we could never dream of. I don’t know why we should be called ‘nerds’ because reading is cool! I mean we can all say we have poured our hearts out over books when we turn that final page?

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    Zoe Crook
    8 December, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    YES! Amazing post! I like to keep my reading hobby a secret from school because people just judge me instantly. I love to read – hmm, bet you didn’t know that.. ;P
    I also find it so much easier that I am better at writing than maths as English can be used in SO many other subjects. Maths is important (I hate to admit) but I only really use elsewhere in Science.
    I also love disappearing into a new world. When reality isn’t going my way, slipping into another character’s shoes it perfect. And, like you said, where else am I going to hang out with hot fictional boys? 😉
    Great post, Lucy, thank you so much for posting!

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