My blog got designed!

Welcome to the newly designed Queen of Contemporary! I was really lucky because Lizzy from Read-A-holicZ agreed to design my blog for me! I am so pleased with it and can’t stop looking at it! Thank you so much, Lizzy!  You should all stop by her blog because it is equally as amazing as her designs. 
Once again, THANK YOU! 

Lucy Powrie

Lucy Powrie is a blogger, YouTuber and author from the UK. When she's not reading, she enjoys cuddling guinea pigs and eating Oreo chocolate, but let's be real: she's mostly always reading.


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    Susan Francino

    19 January, 2013

    I like it! It looks great!

  2. Reply

    Zoe Crook

    19 January, 2013

    Awesome design! I love it! 😀 It is really stylish. You’ve done a great job, Lizzy! 🙂


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