How to Support Your Favourite Blogs in 2018

Okay, let’s get real for a second: it’s getting harder than ever for us book bloggers. Views are low, the number of comments on each post is decreasing, and this can be extremely demotivating for all of us who put lots of work into creating posts, with a very low return. I’m determined, though, to make 2018 the Year of the Blogger, so I have a few tips for things you can do this year to support your favourite blogs.

#1: Follow on social media

If you look in the sidebar of most blogs, you’ll be able to find all of the links to where the blogger lives on social media. Following social media accounts and engaging with the bloggers you follow is a great way of showing your support and letting bloggers know that there are real life people reading their posts, and not just automated bots.

I can promise you that all bloggers love having conversations on social media – they’re one of the most rewarding parts of the job. It’s great to be able to share what you’re passionate about, and even better when you find other people who are just as passionate as you. Plus, it’s a brilliant way to make new friends!

#2: Share links to new posts

Retweet links to posts you’ve liked, tweet the link yourself, quote retweet on Twitter to tell people what you loved about it; share to your Facebook friends or include it in your Instagram Story. There are endless ways to tell people not just about your own posts, but other people’s too.

I have a few favourite blogs that I will ALWAYS retweet, just because I love them and want everyone else to love them too. If we all chose 3 blogs to concentrate on this year that we faithfully spread the word about, I believe it would create an atmosphere where people looked forward to writing every single post, and felt that support was coming from all corners.

#3: Leave a comment!

Comments are a bit like the equivalent of letters – when you receive them, it’s exciting to open them up and read what’s inside. However, like emails taking over from letters, quick messages on social media are now becoming more popular than comments. Although getting any interaction is amazing, the great thing about comments on blogs is that they’re easy to find, no matter how long ago they were left, whereas with Twitter, for example, your feed has already moved on.

Back when I first started blogging, I saw blogs with, quite literally, HUNDREDS of comments. Now, bloggers are lucky if we get 10. I’d love to return to the time when people left meaningful comments, when I would spend all day on a Sunday writing comments on as many blogs as I could find. I feel like we’ve lost a bit of the commenting magic!

#4: Credit other bloggers

Take inspiration from a post that you’ve seen someone else do, or participate in a tag that’s making the rounds? Please credit the original source. Not only is crediting original ideas polite and the correct thing to do, it also spreads the word about a new blog and the original blogger is more likely to share your post to their followers.

Also, what happened to blog memes? There used to be Waiting on Wednesday, Follow Friday, Stacking the Shelves and Letterbox Love… Now, these kinds of post never seem to appear in my feeds. Whilst this format doesn’t always favour the individualistic style of blogging now, I do think that they favoured a more supportive community, so I’d love to see something similar make a return.

#5: Talk about bloggers IRL

In the past few years, particularly since I started my blog, blogging has definitely become more mainstream, but I still feel as though there’s a divide between actual bloggers and people who either consume blogs or have no idea what a blog is. I’d love to hear conversations take place about what it means to be a blogger, how people outside of the blogging community can support blogs, and the changing face of the blog as technology develops.

Blogs and vlogs are now COOL. Instagram is pretty much a micro-blogging platform. But, despite this, blogging hasn’t quite broken the barriers to the outside world, so I think that if we talk more about our favourite bloggers in real life, this will help to make blogging seem like a genuine job or hobby, rather than just something “you do on the side”. Side-hustles are valid too!

How do you think we can support our fellow bloggers this year? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!


Lucy Powrie

Lucy Powrie is a blogger, YouTuber and author from the UK. When she's not reading, she enjoys cuddling guinea pigs and eating Oreo chocolate, but let's be real: she's mostly always reading.


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    13 January, 2018

    Really interesting and worth reading…especially as I have just taken the plunge and started my own book blog! I am very much feeling my way in the dark, so your tips are very welcome!

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    13 January, 2018

    I really loved reading your post, Lucy! I especially love how you mentioned how meaningful actual comments are on blogs. I, obviously, love receiving comments, but I admit that lately, I’ve been terrible at giving them. That’s something I really want to work on doing better this year. I think it’s especially easy to skip commenting on so many WordPress blogs, because many of us have a like button for our posts. While likes are always nice and appreciated, it still doesn’t hold as much value as an actual comment.

    Great post!

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    13 January, 2018

    Yes, Lucy! I think we’re on guilty of reading people’s blogs and then not commenting enough or simply responding via social media. I’m adding this to my resolutions as a blogger for 2018, not only to write more and try and find some kind of structure, but to give back to other people and spread good blogger karma!

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    Louise Nettleton

    13 January, 2018

    This is a great post Lucy. I know I have times when I forget to comment, and I also know how much a comment means when it is clear someone has read my post. I’ve done Waiting On Wednesday for months, but am never sure who to credit. I first saw it on Charlotte’s Library years back, but it has also been a meme. Now someone else has taken it on a meme, but I’m really not sure who to credit! Is it a meme or a common theme?

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      13 January, 2018

      Hi Louise!

      I enjoyed those Waiting on Wednesday posts, and feel motivated to do them again…..the meme was originally hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine but she hasn’t updated since 2016…..

      And thanks for the encouraging post, Lucy!

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    13 January, 2018

    This is a great post Lucy! And a great reminder. Oftentimes I spend a lot of time consuming blog posts, YouTube videos etc, but don’t ever quite get around to communicating how much I appreciate them. One of my resolutions this year is to interact more with the online community, as it’s a great place to be, and as you say, a great place to make friends 🙂

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    Harriet Springbett

    13 January, 2018

    It’s true that it’s wonderful when people leave comments on your blog and pick up themes you’ve discussed in your post. Sometimes it’s hard to do so, because certain blogs require you to log in etc. I see a lot of memes – Kelly at Kelly’s Ramblings and Steph at A Little But A Lot are always doing them, which I love. And it’s so cool to meet bloggers IRL, as I did at YALC last year. Thanks for the post and keep blogging, Lucy.

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    13 January, 2018

    Love this, Lucy! I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to comment on blog posts I’ve enjoyed in the last few months. It’s the fuel that keeps us bloggers going – knowing people are engaging with what you’ve written!

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    Catherine @ Story Snug

    13 January, 2018

    This is a great blogpost Lucy! I love getting comments on Story Snug but they’re very infrequent unless I have linked the blogposts up somewhere else.

    One of the things that really puts me off blog commenting is the pop ups that appear asking me to follow, even before I’ve read the post. I like a blog where I can just comment without feeling under any pressure.

    Off to Twitter now to share this for you :o)
    Catherine @ Story Snug recently posted…Dotty Detective The Birthday Surprise by Clara VulliamyMy Profile

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    Fiona Murphy

    13 January, 2018

    I love receiving comments on my blog. It just tells me that I’m not just shouting into the void and someone is reading and paying attention.

    I used to love reading comments on a blog, too, even if it’s not my blog. Sometimes, insightful discussion can come from these which is as worth reading as the blog itself.
    Fiona Murphy recently posted…A Review of A Quiet Kind of ThunderMy Profile

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    13 January, 2018

    Commenting more on blogs and ‘spreading the love’ is one of my new year’s resolution. As you described it’s always so fun and nice if someone takes the time to not only read your posts but also leave a comment. It’s a good idea to start sharing blogposts I enjoyed on my Twitter/Insta/etc. Thank you for the tips! 😉


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    13 January, 2018

    Loved this post. I’m still relatively new to blogging and I’m trying to comment on more posts and be more supportive, but I wish other bloggers were as well. It’s nice to see the other ways to support other bloggers too.

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    13 January, 2018

    I agree about comments, I get so excited about getting comments on my blog. I still take part in these blog memes as well, I do Top ten Tuesday every week and comment on blogs from there. I do letterbox love as well about once a month. People seem so much happier to comment on my BookTube videos than on my blog reviews!
    Catriona recently posted…Bout of Books Day 5 Update/Day 6 ChallengeMy Profile

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    The Book Worm

    13 January, 2018

    Really interesting article. Personally, when I like an article I am always commenting and sharing with friends… twitter and Bloglovin I think are the best ways of sharing and publicising a blog!

    In my case (book blog) I found Goodreads and the book groups quite handy to have people visiting me and commenting my articles 🙂 But I am in this life less than a month xD

    The Book Worm

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    Chloe Metzger

    13 January, 2018

    Love this list and have shared! Thanks for a great one 😀


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    13 January, 2018

    I love this post! It’s been a long time since I’ve been really active in the blogging community, and now that I’m back blogging again, I will be definitely making more of a conscience effort to share and show appreciation for the blogs and posts that I like.


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    13 January, 2018

    I love this post! It’s been a long time since I’ve been really active in the blogging community, and now that I’m back blogging again, I will be definitely making more of a conscious effort to share and show appreciation for the blogs and posts that I like.


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    13 January, 2018

    Great post, and I love all of your suggestions! I know I’ve been guilty before of reading a great post and then thinking ‘I’ll comment later when I have time’, and then never getting back to it. But I know how much I as a blogger love getting comments, and so I’m definitely going to try and put in more effort to actually do it, and to share other blogger’s posts on my social media accounts.
    Laura recently posted…What makes a good villain?My Profile

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    Maëva's Mapa Mundi

    13 January, 2018

    I totally agree! I am new to blogging but I try to show my support to my fellow bloggers and blogs that I like everytime I can!
    Thanks for the article
    Maëva’s Mapa Mundi recently posted…4 jours à Barcelone : Partie 1My Profile

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    14 January, 2018

    Great post! I’ve definitely noticed this trend on my own blog, especially with the dipping stats. Add in the fact that so many reviewers are getting attacked on Goodreads by authors, and it almost makes you want to quit. But you make some great suggestions and I’ll definitely be trying to implement them more myself.

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    Cara Beatrice

    14 January, 2018

    Great post! I am new to blogging and one of my 2018 goals was to blog more but I’m also going to add to the list to comment more on the blogs I read and find some new blogs too and comment on them!

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    Jessica A. McMinn

    14 January, 2018

    Supporting fellow content creators was on of my New Year’s Resolutions. Being an indie writer myself, one of the best ways to grow a reader base is by lifting up the community around you, and that is something I need to work harder at. Thank you for the suggestions xx

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    14 January, 2018

    Great post really enjoyed it. Im a newbie blogger and I’m trying to make the effort to comment as much as I can when Im looking and posts but I always feel like I should be trying more!

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    14 January, 2018

    What a great post, some brilliant examples of how a little support & act can make a big difference. We all know time is precious and that interaction isn’t always possible but it does frustrate me when, as a new blogger, people who you interact with a lot on social media and who share your reviews or benefit from them (such as authors & publishers) still don’t follow you, it isn’t about numbers (although some publishers still judge your worth based on them not your content) but if you like someone’s ideas and value their comments it’s kind to give them a follow because they’re putting the effort in to build up their community & contribute, it’s hard starting out when you feel you’re posting in to an abyss

  24. Reply

    Emma Curtis

    14 January, 2018

    As an author who has genuinely benefited from the book-blogging community, I was very interested in this post. When I started on Twitter, I assumed that book-blogging was an easy, low-maintenance hobby but have since learned it is so much more than that! I am hugely appreciative of what you do for authors who might not otherwise get noticed. So generous with your time and goodwill. I do retweet a lot blogs about books I’ve read and enjoyed, but will try and remember to comment as well! Thank you for this.

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    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    14 January, 2018

    I love this post Lucy, I think it’s so important to share the ways we can support bloggers for the entire community. This is definitely a helpful post to share!
    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently posted…Love, Life, and the List Review: List of Things I Loved and HatedMy Profile

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    14 January, 2018

    This is a great post Lucy! I’ve really only recently started following and reading blogs – and then started my own because it is such a great way to talk all things bookish with like minded people. Looking forward to following more amazing bloggers this year and discovering all the books!

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    14 January, 2018

    I agree with all of this. 😩 I’ve almost been blogging a whole year and my engagement has been next to nothing. No comments, no tweets, no genuine followers. Everything feels like robots and scam bots. It’s so discouraging to the point of making me quite. I read so many blogs like you and Happy Indulgence and the big guys like Hello-October and I Covet Thee and I loved it. Blogging looked so cool, so wonderful, so fun and creative and inspiring. Now it feels like if you didn’t join the blogging community in the last few years you’re totally screwed because you aren’t going to get anywhere. It’s so frustrating.

    I have loved seeing posts like this though. People helping and supporting each other. That’s so important. That’s why this is a thing, why community is important. I hope this opens the eyes of all people and helps raise engagement and genuine followers for all.

    Thank you for all the work you do and keep at it. ❤️❤️❤️

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    14 January, 2018

    Love all these ideas – I agree, reaching out and sharing the love makes it so worthwhile for everyone! It makes my day when someone comments or tweets to say they liked a post or listened to the podcast. Community should be the most important part of blogging.
    Michelle recently posted…Podcast: Dirty John by Christopher GoffardMy Profile

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    Anne Stormont

    14 January, 2018

    Great post. I do all of your recommendations but I must admit the one I do least is commenting directly on blogs. Will try harder in 2018.

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    14 January, 2018

    I like many other people have said tend to like so many posts on Bloglovin but rarely comment. It’s a shame because I know how much I appreciate people commenting on my posts. I will definitely make more of an effort with this. I also love taking inspiration from other posts and directing people back to the originals I think it’s great when we inspire each other!
    I personally love reading your posts and watching your videos and have been really inspired by your classic series to start reading more of them x

  31. Reply

    Latoiya Perry

    14 January, 2018

    Great post! I’m new to the blogging world, so these tips were very helpful. Thanks!

  32. Reply


    14 January, 2018

    Thank you for this post! I am quite new to book blogging so have only recently built up enough confidence to actually comment on other blogs! Will be trying to do more of it this year.

  33. Reply


    14 January, 2018

    I definitely agree! It’s so hard to keep motivated to post when it feels as though nobody is reading- reaching out means your favourite bloggers know that their content is read and enjoyed and inspires more!

  34. Reply

    Lara @ Another Teen Reader

    14 January, 2018

    I think I’m honestly a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to comments – I absolutely love them and I always encourage people to comment on my blog whenever possible (because, like you say, it is like opening up a little present) but for some reason I find writing them a bit of a chore, even when I’ve really enjoyed a post? I think it’s just something in my mindset I need to change. Do you (or anyone else) have any tips for how to do that?
    Lara @ Another Teen Reader recently posted…A Very Potter Christmas HaulMy Profile

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    14 January, 2018

    Loved this list! I think the one thing i’d say is to turn off adblock! most people probably forget the even have it on (i have been guilty of this) but it truly does make a difference!

  36. Reply

    Miriam Joy (Finn)

    14 January, 2018

    I’ve definitely noticed a decline in comments — last year they were barely a quarter of what they were in 2014, despite the fact I shifted servers in April 2014 so it wasn’t a full year. People tend to comment below Facebook posts where I share a link to a blog post, not on the post itself, to the point where I can go weeks without getting any actual comments on my blog. Used to have entire conversations in the comments threads, which I can read back now — but like you said, ones on social media disappear much more quickly. I can see why social media is more convenient for people, but I’d like a return to the old commenting culture.

  37. Reply

    Sue @ Crushingcinders

    14 January, 2018

    Thanks for the reminder. We need to support each other. Great post.
    Sue @ Crushingcinders recently posted…Here, There, Everywhere by Julia Durango & Tyler TerronesMy Profile

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    15 January, 2018

    Enjoyed your article. As a wine blogger, the best reward for me is when a reader leaves comments. I use WordPress for my blog and WordPress Reader makes it very easy to share all my colleague’s wine articles on social media.

  39. Reply

    Tanya van Hasselt

    15 January, 2018

    Thank you for this post – and all the comments following. Sharing a love of reading with people from all over the world is such a happy-making thing!

  40. Reply


    18 January, 2018

    I love this post especially being a fellow book blogger. I love being able to interact with different individuals through the comment sections on my blog however, I have noticed that people don’t tend to comment on blog posts as much lately. I love commenting on fellower bloggers post and interacting and discussing different aspects of there post within the comment section.

  41. Reply


    20 January, 2018

    Great post! I’m trying to follow more bloggers via Bloglovin’ and their social media profiles. I’m also trying to at least once a week hop around to some posts to leave meaningful comments. I love meeting new book bloggers and I seem to have more time for Twitter and IG than anything else, so those are the best ways to connect with me other than comments on my blog. I’ll be sharing this on Twitter for my peer to check out.

    Love your idea of linking to other bloggers – I’m going to try incorporating that in some of my upcoming posts.

  42. Reply

    Jack Messenger

    21 January, 2018

    Interesting, Lucy, thank you. I’ve been book blogging for two years or so, but it often feels like I’m talking to myself! I don’t often find blog posts that really speak to me, so I don’t comment as often as I should. On the other hand, it would be wrong to comment just for the sake of commenting. You have a great blog. Good luck with all your plans.

  43. Reply

    Silke Van Beem

    22 January, 2018

    I just discovered you Lucy and honestly I’m in love with your content!
    Your excitement about all the classics is really refreshing, since I don’t really find that many lovers of classics of my own age. I myself am studying English literature as well so you give me courage to read all those books of which I might be a bit scared of.
    A friend of mine and I are planning to start our own blog in February, so this post really helped. Your blog will most definitely one of our inspirations!
    So thank you for giving me the courage to pursue those dreams;

    Love you and good luck!

  44. Reply


    22 January, 2018

    Thank you for writing about this, I think it’s an honest post with a discussion worth having. I have always been a massive bookworm and decided to start a blog dedicated to talking about books a few years ago. However, I abandoned it and ultimately closed down the site (which I regret now) as I started to feel really disheartened, like you say you feel like you get no return for putting in all of that effort.

    A year on though I still feel the need to write and pursue a creative outlet, so I am drawn to blogging once again. Who knows, I might decide to start blogging again after all and rejoin this great community.

    Happy reading! 🙂

  45. Reply

    Evelina @ AvalinahsBooks

    22 January, 2018

    Absolutely agree 🙂 especially share on social media! When I read a post I love, I take great pleasure in sharing. It’s just a click away 🙂
    Evelina @ AvalinahsBooks recently posted…Witches of New Orleans and Dark Nightly TerrorsMy Profile

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    2 February, 2018

    My four year blog-aversary was last month and as a small blogger, I made a promise to myself to be more active in the community this year. Comment more, share more, spread the word more! I know comments on my posts are more rare than Leap Year, but I get so excited when I get one. I hope that by making a pledge to comment more on blogs I read, I can inspire others to do the same.

  47. Reply


    4 February, 2018

    Great Post!

  48. Reply


    8 February, 2018

    As a new blogger, this was a very educational and motivational post to read. I did this to start interacting with more book lovers only to find that, in some senses, we have become islands. I love the idea of becoming more of a society again! Great post!

  49. Reply

    Vee Ramage

    12 February, 2018

    I’m back, after 4 years. I found this post while wading through every blog I follow on BlogLovin’ and it’s a very disheartening experience. I’ve removed about 90% of the blogs I used to follow because they haven’t posted in 1-4 years, there’s so many dead blogs. Hopefully that will be balanced out by more bloggers making an appearance! I’m making an extra effort this year to seek out new blogs to follow and hopefully the community will increase again.

    Vee @

  50. Reply

    Chrissi Reads

    2 March, 2018

    Fabulous post, Lucy. I’m making more of an effort to promote other book blogs this year. It seems to be going well so far. When I started teaching I found it hard to balance blogging and visiting other blogs. Now I’ve sorted how to blog and teach, my effort is now on commenting and promoting others!

  51. Reply

    The Rad Books

    17 April, 2018

    These are some awesome suggestions! Now that I’m getting the hang of my blog, I’m left wondering how to find others to connect with. This will definitely help!

  52. Reply


    4 May, 2018

    I’m a bit late to the party on this one but thank you for some top tips! I am relatively new to blogging but I am loving the little book community that I’ve found. Will get on the case with more commenting…!

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