Review- The Queen’s Lady by Eve Edwards

1584 – Surrey, England When Lady Jane Rievaulx begins service to the Queen at Richmond Palace, she is thrilled at the court’s newest arrival . . . Master James Lacey. Despite her previous courtship with his older brother, James is the man she truly loves. And for his part, he cannot deny his fascination with her. However, James is setting sail on a treacherous journey to the Americas, seeking absolution for what he sees as past sins. But when Lady Jane is forced into a terrible situation by her own family, there is only one man to save her. Will Master James return to his lady ­- before it’s too late?

I actually read this book before the first in the trilogy, ‘The Other Countess’. But this actually didn’t matter! Eve Edwards manages to create a lovely image of Tudor England in the reign of Elizabeth I. I am a huge fan of historical fiction and so this book really was my cup of tea!
At the start of the book we meet Lady Jane Perceval, now the Marchioness of Rievaulx, who I completely fell in love with! She was everything I look for in a main character: loveable, tough, strong-willed, with an air of vulnerability.
What can I say about James? He was completely swoon-worthy! He is one of those characters that you instantly fall in love with! How I wish I was in Tudor England right now *sigh*!
All of the other characters were well-thought out and just marvelous! I am really rather annoyed that I’m not a time traveler -or have a tardis!
The front cover is amazing and really draws you in. It clearly states that this is a book of style and class- Tudor style and class. I know that I picked it up straight away as soon as I saw it!

Overall, I really, really thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who loves historical fiction, or even a good romance!


Has anyone else read this book? What did you think? And if you haven’t, what is your opinion? 

I’m sorry for the lack of reviews as I have been unwell and haven’t read a lot lately but I promise that there will be more reviews coming up!

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