Interview with Rebecca from Rebecca-Books

I’m really lucky to have Rebecca from Rebecca-Books on the blog today! Rebecca runs one of my favourite blogs and I’m so excited about this interview!

1. What made you take the step into the blogging world?

I’ve always loved books so it’s probably unsurprising that I do something related to that. Around three years ago, for some unidentifiable reason, I created a blog and wrote a really, really bad review for a Sarah Dessen book. I started the blog as a chance to get away from some things happening in my life at that point and it kind of worked. After that spell, I forgot about making the blog.

Fast forward a couple of months, I was looking at some reviews of a book I wanted to read and found Goodreads and then eventually found this huge network of blogs and reviews that made me want to join in. And the rest, they say, is history!

2. If you could time travel, which period of time would you go back to?

Oh gosh, that’s a little hard. I loved history since I was like 7 so there are a few period of times I’d like to go back to.

Definitely the Tudor times. I find that period of history the most interesting – all the betrayals, affairs, politics and going-on’s – it’s one of the best periods. And also, I want to wear one of those Tudor dresses…

3. If you had to compare yourself to a fictional book character, who would it be?

A few people have asked me this recently and I never know the answer. One of the people I did feel quite a connection with was the narrator from Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier (funny enough her name is not Rebecca…). The way she feels and what she does through in the novel I felt quite united with.

The other character I feel attached to is Macy from The Truth About Forever by one of my favourite authors, Sarah Dessen. I can feel a little bit of an outsider like she does and I hold myself back a lot. I think I need some of her courage and bravery sometimes. Wow, that sounds a little morbid.

4. You have the chance to visit one Dystopian world, where is it?

WHY ONE? SO MANY. However, when I was considering this question, I realised something. Most of the dystopians I’ve read, there’s some serious problem with the world or the government so in some ways I’d rather live in the present or past…

If I could choose one, it would have to be the reformed newer world from Extras, at the end of the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. Although a lack of privacy, I thought the idea of just this huge blogosphere that everyone can contribute and be a part of seemed quite a cool idea.

5. If you could be an author for a day, who would you choose to be?

AH STILL SO MANY. I think someone that comes across quite fun like John Green or Maureen Johnson (I love her tweets!). I think it would be really cool to be in their shoes for a day, especially someone like John Green with a book that SO many people love!

6. What is your favourite book blogging experience so far?

Oh, there have been a few! One was probably when Patrick Ness remembered a comment I had made about the anthology he contributed to, Losing It. I was at a signing and told him my name as he was signing my book and then suddenly he was asking me ‘Were you the Rebecca that wrote the comment about the blanks in this book?’ And then, wrote a little note about me on his blog. Yes, I had fan-girl moment.

I think the experience that tops that is when I see a comment about my blog or me on the many blogs I follow. I’d see someone mention me as one of their favourite bloggers in an interview or someone call me one of their best blogging friends. Sometimes I feel the most happy and proud of myself when I see someone comment that they love my blog so much and read all my posts. Just one of the best moments for me. (Lucy, I know you were one of those people, thank you!)

7. Do you have any favourite book blogs?

Why, of course I do! AH SO MANY. Yours, Lucy, of course, Fluttering Butterflies (http://www.flutteringbutterflies.com/), Jess Hearts Books (http://jessheartsbooks.blogspot.co.uk/), Paperback Treasures (http://paperbacktreasures.blogspot.co.uk/), Pure Imagination (http://www.pureimaginationblog.com/), Readaraptor (http://www.readaraptor.co.uk/), So Many Books, So Little Time (http://solittletimeforbooks.blogspot.co.uk/) and Booktastic Reviews (http://onceuponabook-rachel.blogspot.co.uk/) all really stand out for me as my favourites.

I also love fashion so I follow a lot of fashion blogs as well as book blogging ones. My favourite at the moment is probably WishWishWish (http://wishwishwish.net/), If you love vintage style or photography in general, take a look.

8. Do you have any advice to give to future book bloggers?
I’ve been doing this for three years, so I have picked up a few tips along the way.

First thing first, as soon as you have a blog, try and join as many social networking sites as you can, like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook. As soon as I got Twitter, I started getting more ideas for posts, finding out about other great books and opportunities as well as meeting some great people along the way. It’s a must for a blogger.

Another thing I felt at the beginning of blogging was that no-one cared or read my blog. It was only when I became friendly with some bloggers that I felt my posts were actually valued and liked. New book bloggers, you will feel at the beginning (I still do sometimes now) that no-one is reading your reviews or posts, it’s just you and maybe some of your friends. You may feel like ‘Oh what’s the point?’. Just keep going, someone will find you in the vast blogosphere eventually. I wish someone had told me that.

One last piece of advice. Don’t have CAPTCHA for people posting comments. EVERYONE HATES IT. Oh and if you’re book blogging just for the free books (which I guess is a perk) then you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons.


Book (Because I am so cruel!)? You are! Probably, erm, well, ooo…The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Shop? H&M
Subject? Media. And History. No, Media…
TV Programme? Downton Abbey, forever.

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  • Reply
    15 January, 2013 at 2:36 am

    OMG! That’s so cool that an author remembered you!

    Because I love to brag (I know, I’m just SO very modest) I have to tell you all about my author experiences! ;P

    So I met Sarah Crossan (who wrote Breathe) at Books of Wonder and she remembered my name from when I told her I was going to go to the signing on Twitter like WEEKS ago. And she was like “EILEEN!” when she saw me and I was so excited ;P

    But I’m like SO quiet in real life that I couldn’t even fangirl. Next time I need to like write a script.

    Awesome interview!

  • Reply
    15 January, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    Thank you again so much Lucy for asking to interview me, I really appreciate it! 🙂

  • Reply
    Zoe Crook
    15 January, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    Rebecca! 😀 Great interview both of you, I love Rebecca’s blog so I really enjoyed reading this 🙂

    I LOVE John Green too (who doesn’t?) so it would be awesome to step into his shoes for a day.. and Maureen Johnson’s tweets are awesome, I agree!

    And OMG, that is amazing how Patrick Ness remembered you! This shows why author’s are awesome 😛

    Thanks for posting <3

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