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Letterbox Love is a UK based feature where book bloggers showcase the books that they received that week, be they eBooks, paperbacks, hardbacks or any other format. It is hosted by Lynsey from Narratively Speaking.
I was dreading my book haul this week because I thought it would be really small but I’m wrong again! I have a reasonably big haul this week and am really pleased with everything that I got.

Review Haul:

The Hit by Melvin Burgess- I came home the other day to find this and was really surprised! I had no idea that I was getting it and it looks really good. The cover is gorgeous. Thank you, Chicken House!
Library Haul:

Fever by Lauren DeStefano- I read Wither this week (my review will be posted on Friday) and loved it so I was pretty desperate to get my hands on this book. I’m going to start it as soon as possible!
Angel Dust by Sarah Mussi- I’m reading this as part of my library’s book club this month and it looks so good. I love the cover!
Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare- EEEP! How long have I waited for this book?! I could never find it at my library and I’ve been trying to wait patiently so I’m super pleased that I’ve finally managed to obtain a copy. I must read it now!!

Skin Deep by Laura Jarratt- I was going to buy this the other day but never did so I’m super pleased that I managed to get a copy at my library. My awesome librarian, Tracy, had a pile of books that she was giving away and nobody else wanted this one so I picked it up. I can’t wait to start it!

What did you get this week? Don’t forget to link back to your own hauls and I’ll check them out! 

Lucy Powrie

Lucy Powrie is a blogger, YouTuber and author from the UK. When she's not reading, she enjoys cuddling guinea pigs and eating Oreo chocolate, but let's be real: she's mostly always reading.


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    Bookaholic 007

    17 March, 2013

    You got CLOCKWORK PRINCE?!?!?! You are so lucky! I’m going to beg and plead my dad to buy me this and Clockwork Princess 😛

    I have Wither and I’ve heard quite mixed reviews on it, so I’m looking forward to read what you have to say! 😀 I hope you enjoy Fever just as much!

    Enjoy your new books!

    Kyra @ Blog of a Bookaholic
    My STS Post!

  2. Reply

    Pink Lady 631

    17 March, 2013

    * Wild comment above * I think u should block anonymous comments. Looks like you got some fabulous reads, happy reading 🙂

  3. Reply


    17 March, 2013

    Angel Dust looks interesting.

    I haven’t started Wither myself, but I am sure I will get around to it at some point.

    Thanks for following my blog, and I can’t wait to start following you too! Woo for the British book bloggers! 😉

  4. Reply


    17 March, 2013

    I haven’t read anything by Melvin Burgess before, but I’ve heard great things! And it’s good that you have Clockwork Prince now – just in time for Clcokwork Princess! 🙂 Enjoy.

  5. Reply


    17 March, 2013

    I’ve only read Wither. I really need to get on that…Enjoy all your books! My STS

  6. Reply


    17 March, 2013

    Clockwork Prince is AMAAAAZING! #TEAMWILL!! :O

    I have read Wither but I haven’t got round to reading Fever. Skin Deep was a cool book.

    Enjoy all your books,
    Sam @ Falling Books

  7. Reply

    Sarah (TotalTeenFiction)

    17 March, 2013

    Enjoy Clockwork Prince! I love those books but I’m going to have to wait a few weeks to read Clockwork Princess because I’ll be borrowing a copy from a friend and she needs to finish it first ;D I’m so nervous to finish the trilogy! I’ve heard good things about Skin Deep and I’ve been thinking of getting it out the library. I’m exciting to see what you think of it! 😀 Great haul 🙂

  8. Reply

    Samantha Stewart

    17 March, 2013

    Clockwork Prince is FREAKIN’ AWESOME!! I hope you really enjoy it! I still need to start the Wither series, and Angel Dust sounds really interesting! I hope you enjoy all of your new books! Have a great weekend 🙂

  9. Reply


    17 March, 2013

    Clockwork Prince!!! It is SO GOOD. I really hope you enjoy it! And I’ve been meaning to pick up Skin Deep for ages now! Everyone says it’s great. Happy reading! 🙂

  10. Reply

    Book Blogger Mom

    22 March, 2013

    Let me know if Skin Deep is any d.


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