• A Life Update | Writing, travelling, baby guinea pigs

    25 February, 2017

    Hi, everyone! It seems like it’s been a very long time since I last sat down to write an update post or something a bit more informal and chatty. I thought I should probably catch you up on everything that’s been going on, especially as I have lots of blog posts planned for the next…

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  • Re-launching Queen of Contemporary!

    17 July, 2016

    If this post wasn’t part of the Internet and was actually happening live, this would be the moment I’d cut the red ribbon and declare the new Queen of Contemporary website officially open! Although knowing me I’d probably drop the scissors on my feet or trip over the ribbon… *cuts ribbon* I’ve gone through quite…

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  • On Vlog Star and the Power of YouTube

    8 December, 2015

    When I first started watching YouTube, around five or six years ago, it would have seemed insane to me that YouTube would become so accessible to so many people (although YouTube accessibility and privilege is a discussion for another day), particularly people like me who didn’t have fancy equipment or didn’t really know how to…

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  • A Celebration! 1 Million Views + New Design!

    22 August, 2015

    I am incredibly excited, and feel very proud, to be writing this post today. Over three years ago, I created Queen of Contemporary and when I started I never thought I’d reach a point where I’d be able to say, “I’ve passed one million views on my blog!” How insane is that?! To celebrate, I made some…

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