The Last Beginning by Lauren James

It’s always a struggle to review a book you loved with every inch of your heart without screaming, “GO READ IT! IT IS AMAZING!” every other word. So here it is, to get it out of the way first: GO READ THE LAST BEGINNING! IT IS AMAZING! The Last Beginning is the sequel to The Next Together and concluding book of the duology, which also included the prequel Another Together. When I read The Next Together last year, it quickly became one of my favourite books ever and I have been waiting patiently to the best of my ability for the sequel ever…

REVIEW: Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens

I thought I’d put together an infographic review for Murder Most Unladylike today because I loved the book so much! I would HIGHLY recommend it!

REVIEW: Code Red Lipstick by Sarah Sky

Distinctive and original, Code Red Lipstick is the outstanding debut novel of a future UKYA star. Sky is the UK equivalent of Ally Carter, with Code Red Lipstick exceeding the Gallagher Girls books in many ways. Jessica Cole’s father is a former spy, having to turn into a private detective after developing MS. When he disappears, MI6 refuse to let Jessica help, so she takes matters into her own hands. On her own in Paris, Jessica’s investigation leads her to find out about Allegra Knight, former supermodel with a lethal side. Her new product, Teenosity, means the start of a nightmare…

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