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Changes are afoot!

CHANGES ARE COMING. No, not winter. I hope not anyway!

I am a book blogger, which means I read books. I’m supposed to enjoy reading, aren’t I? Lately, though, some of the fun has been sucked out of reading and I think this is due to blogging, and the pressure. Pressure is something that affects me a lot and recently it’s got so that I’ve been considering giving up blogging for good. I put so much work in, and then crumble.

With lots of thinking, I’ve decided there needs to be a change. And a big one.

My blog will no longer be just a book blog, I’m going to use it to document the things I read. This means there will probably be less reviews, and instead I’ll be using more pictures in my posts and just discussing my thoughts. This way, the majority of the books I read get coverage, and I just get to have fun talking about the books I love!

I’m not going to have a blog schedule either – when I’ve read something and want to talk about it, I’ll write a post on it if I choose. I want to make blogging FUN again, with a capital F, U and N. I’m just going to cut down on everything I do because I’ve realised just how much I have been doing in the past, and it’s a lot. Way too much for one person!

It doesn’t mean much change for all of you – in fact, you get the better deal!

I’d like to think of my blog as a safe haven for people who love reading. I’ll be interacting a lot more and replying to blog comments. I’d love to start up some really good conversations, and interaction for me is the one thing I’m going to be concentrating on.

I have quite a few posts planned, and it shall hopefully be starting from tomorrow, with a new post. I’m going to trial it for a month and then assess how things are going, but I’m really hoping it works!

Documenting what I read will hopefully be fun, and it’s hard to explain fully, so you should work it out once I’ve started to write the posts.


As a special present, have a picture of Boris in his cosy!


I don’t really know what to say.

I feel so sad, having to write this. It’s making me rather emotional.

You see, I usually love blogging, but lately I haven’t been able to muster up the same love that used to come naturally. Since September, really, I’ve let the blog go a bit quiet, and slowly my YouTube channel has taken first place.

I think it’s important to keep you all updated. I know I still want to blog, but the pressure has gotten too much. It’s gotten so bad that it has brought me to tears, and I don’t often cry. Combined with school, which is stressing me out to the max, and the pressure of being a teenager (more to come on that soon), I just can’t do it. To have reduced me to tears, I know it must have gotten really bad.

So what am I going to do to help this? I don’t want to give up blogging, but neither do I want to carry on like I have being doing. The thing stopping me from sitting back and taking it easy has been page views. Stupid, I know. If I don’t post regularly, these drop. Sometimes that gets me really down. I’m getting better at not checking, but it’s still disappointing and I feel like I’m putting all this effort in, and getting nothing out, when that isn’t the case at all. In fact, I think I should be proud of all I have achieved.

I’m going to first of all try to post once a week. Not four or five, like I have been doing. That one post may be a review or a discussion post, or simply just discussing something I want to. But at least I’m posting something. Some weeks there may not be a post at all, some weeks there may be quite a few. I’ m just going to see how it goes.

The other thing that is stressing me out is my review pile. It’s getting quite big, and I can’t bear to look at it. I’m going to stop requesting and accepting books, only taking one if I know I’ll read it quickly or desperately want it. Because, with homework, I don’t have time to read as much anymore, and I know this will probably get worse as time goes on. One thing I’ve missed is reading for pleasure and I’ve finally been selecting books that I’m really enjoying and can savour. It’s been so, so nice.

I don’t know what the future of Queen of Contemporary looks like. It scares me to think about, if I’m honest. It really, really frightens me. But I know I can’t go on like I have been doing, so I need to relax a bit and just enjoy myself. What’s the point in continuing doing something I don’t like doing, and find tedious? There is no point.

I hope you’ll all continue to support me. Now, more than ever, I really need you guys to help me along.

Lots of love,